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Real World Coffeeshops Do's & Dont's
Coffeeshop Etiquette

Het is NIET mogelijk of NOOIT mogelijk geweest om bij ons drugs of softdrugs te bestellen/ kopen.

How to behave in coffeeshop, what is ok to do and what is not?

Lots of visitors, tourists and just new local people come to enjoy their first time in a coffeeshop. They usually ask how what is allowed in coffeeshops and what is not within accepted limits of behaviour. We have compiled a list for all interested souls, enjoy!

Things that are OK to do in a weed wiet coffeeshop:

  1. Ask to see wiet(marijuana) and hasj(hashish) smokers menu, if there isn't one already displayed.
  2. Check/ask for any special offers or discounts you can get for buying larger amounts.
  3. Look carefully at the prices and names in menu deliberate before ordering.
  4. Ask any questions about the strength or special effects of cannabis(wiet) or hash(hasj) types offered.
  5. Borrow a bong/pipe from the bar, you can/will be asked to leave a deposit.
  6. Leave a tip for the bar person if they're helpful and friendly or you simply enjoyed the contact.
  7. Engage in conversation with other customers if they seem interested in contact with you.

Behaviours that are NOT OK in a coffeeshop, so DON'T behave that way:

  1. Dont' camp out in a coffeeshop unless you are buying drinks and food. (1 cola is not enough to justify sitting for 2 hours)
  2. Don't ask or expect alcohol to be served in coffeeshops. (alcohol and marijuana wiet do not work well together so it is for your health)
  3. Don't handle a wiet/cannabis or hasj/hashish sample to other customers unless you ask first.
  4. Don't take out and smoke cannabis(wiet) buds you have brought with yourself. (or drink or food)
  5. Don't take photos or videos unless you ask the management and other people you are going to include in photo/video first. (Some people can get quite angry if they're included in your shots, so beware !)
  6. Don't ask the staff or any other customers for any hard drugs, as they are illegal!
  7. Don't be loud, obnoxious or offensive, coffeeshops are NOT bars, be nice and polite and peacefull! is niet verantwoordelijk voor de levering van softdrugs. Wij geven uitsluitend informatie.

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