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How to make bubble hasj hashish?

Het is NIET mogelijk of NOOIT mogelijk geweest om bij ons drugs of softdrugs te bestellen/ kopen.

Instructions to make 3/4 ounce (21 grams) of marijuana leaves shake into fine bubble hasj hash. The general point of this procedure is to extract all trichomes while keeping the mixture cold to keep trichomes from sticking to equipment used.

How to make hashYou'll need are a blender, some containers, a reuseable coffee filter, some paper filters, ice, and a coffee grinder to grind the weed leaves first if you wish. It's best to do it in small batches, so use about a quarter ounce of marijuana leaves for each container.

Now take the quarter ounce of leaves and put it in the blender with 5 or 6 ice cubes and a few cups of water. Don't worry about exact measurements, the point is to make loose, cold slurry. Blend this mixture for about 5 minutes and you'll get slurry prepared. Trichomes got separated from leaves. Pour the slurry through the reusable filter into your container. Pour some clean water through after and press the weed down to make sure you push all the trichomes through the reusable filter. Your trichomes got transferred. Put a couple ice cubes into the container you drianed the water into and place it in the fridge. Now take this marijuana leaves mixed that you just used, lay it flat, and set it out to dry while you continue with another batch of slurry in order to transform all your leaves into fine bubble hasj hash.

At this point of procedure you will repeat above steps with the next batches while the previous filtered ones are chilling in the fridge.

While chilling, every ten minutes, stir just the very top of the mixture only slightly and add an extra ice cube to keep marijuana trichomes from sticking to the sides of the container. Do your best to not stir the trichomes collecting at the bottom. After about 45 minutes, you will carefully pour out only the top layer of water from container in such a way that you do not disturb the future hasj trichomes on the bottom. Combine two containers content after pouring out half of each container, and let the mixed one now settle just as before. When pouring out of one of the containers, be sure to rinse it out with a tiny bit of water and add that to the mix as well to wash all the trichomes off the sides and bottom and add to the final mixture. Continue getting rid of water until you have condensed everything into one container.

A nice sandy coating developing on the bottom of the final container is your bubble hasj hash. After final container has settled, pour out the top half of water, and pour the rest through a paper coffee filter. After most of the water has drained through, carefully pinch the top of the filter closed and squeeze the rest of the water out, be very careful because a wet paper filter can rip very easily. You don't want to loose your bubble hasj hash at the end of your efforts :-)

Now just lay the filter on a flat surface and scrape the hasj hash you have made off. Hash will be pretty wet, so you can let it dry peacefully for an hour in a warm place. You have made your bubble hasj hash! In my case this procedure produced 3.7 grams of pure hasj hashish.

Enjoy making your own Bubble hasj hashish and thank you for visiting our Online Coffeeshop is niet verantwoordelijk voor de levering van softdrugs. Wij geven uitsluitend informatie.

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