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Onlice Coffeeshop Survival Guide

Het is NIET mogelijk of NOOIT mogelijk geweest om bij ons drugs of softdrugs te bestellen/ kopen.

You can find hundreds of coffee shops all over the Netherlands, a country with greatest diversity of coffeeshops selling wiet (marijuana) and hasj (hashish). They fall into main three climate categories:

Prices of cannabis/hash may vary up to 200% for same quality and strenght in different coffeeshops. One of the cheapest coffee shops in central Amsterdam with still good stuff is Coffeeshop Central located near Centraal Station, where a 2,4g bag of nice looking NL hybrid costs 12,5 euro. Some of coffee shops will weight the stuff in front of you but most of them sell preweighted bags at prices of 5, 10, 12.5 and 25 euros. The maximum ammount you may buy in a coffee shop is 5g per person as allowed by Netherlands law.

Cannabis varieties with totally opposite high stone effect are Indicas and Sativas. To name some pure original indicas: Afghani, Northern Lights, Shiva and sativas: Haze, Swazi, Thai.

Basically sativa strains produce an energetic uplifting high, clear head and body, communicative and creative, beware the strongest sativas may cause panic attacs for some people. Indicas produce a lay down stone, dizzy with slower movement, sometimes called couch lock, warning - the strongest indicas in some people may cause paleness, vomit and strong need for fresh air. Many smokers prefer to smoke hybrids instead of pure Indicas or pure Sativas for the mixed stone high effect, and all coffeeshops carry hybrids that are mainly divided into 3 categories: Mostly Sativa, Indica / Sativa and Mostly Indica.

Just try a few strains of different categories and you will quickly discover which type of grass works best for you. A good tip is to start the day with a mild Sativa or mostly Sativa strain, they are the best daytime smokes, and go stronger later in the afternoon, in the evening it's time for some good hash and Indica hybrids, and a pure Indica stone is the best way to finish your happy hippy Amsterdam coffeeshop day.

Beware of the passing bikes and trams (everything moves so fast and you are very very slow when stoned, so take care :)). is niet verantwoordelijk voor de levering van softdrugs. Wij geven uitsluitend informatie.

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